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New to Then do not miss this brand new customer cash saving manual to get the most from your initial order

A reader asked about how to go about purchasing from recently. After replying in a long email, I chose to re-organize what I have written, include some money-saving ideas, and place the steps here for those that are new to the online shop.

If you're unfamiliar with, or simply iHerb, it's an internet shopping site that sells a vast range of healthcare/sports nutritional supplements, beauty/bath products, as well as groceries, baby products and foods and supplements for your pets. The online store was voted as the very best online supplement retailer in surveys conducted by for seven years in a row (2008 to 2014).


Shipping inside the U.S. is also very aggressive. Delivery is absolutely free and no sales tax for orders above $40 or to get a highly discounted fee for orders under that.

I have lost count how often I have shopped at iHerb, and every Why should I use Iherb coupons code? - Quora time my purchase came in good condition.

Let us cut to the chase and discover out how you can create your very first order at iHerb!

If you want to skip the steps and go right to the money-saving suggestions, jump right to the way to Save on Your Purchase.

Step-By-Step Guide to Purchase From iHerb

Choose Shipping Method & Calculate Delivery Price

Checkout & Payment

1. Create an iHerb Account

You need an iHerb consideration to buy from the site. Thus, let's get it done and over.

Be sure not to forget your password.

Register for a fresh iHerb accounts

After creating your private account, you're now ready to store! Proceed into the second step to start filling up your cart.

2. How to Purchase Stuff

There are a couple of techniques to shop at iHerb. You may find products by brand names, general classes (for example, Supplements, Bath & Beauty and Grocery) or from conditions in the top navigation bar.

However, the fastest and simplest way to shop is by simply searching. Below you are going to discover how to use the lookup function and add products into your shopping cart.

A search box is displayed prominently on top of every page on iHerb site. To search, simply type a product name or new name in the box and click the magnifying glass button. As you sort, suggestions linked to the term you have typed will be automatically displayed below the search box. You can click on any of the tips to save a bit of typing.

The illustration below shows a search for Zyflamend, an herbal anti inflammatory supplement.

Below is the way the search results for Zyflamend would seem like. Click on the one which matches what you're looking for.

Search results for zyflamend

Click the search result that matches the product you're searching for. On every product page, you'll discover useful info about the product, for example, selling price, description, shipping weight, and even if it's a supplement or food, the components list and expiration date. You will also find comments and ratings provided by those who have used the item.

Using the same example, here is the way the merchandise page for Zyflamend would look like:

A sample product page on iHerb

Add the product you want to your shopping cart

If you add a product to the cart, then a box will pop up, indicating the product, quantity and price you have just added.

A box signifying the item you have added to the shopping cart

To see all of the items in your cart, then click the Shopping Cart icon at the top right corner.

Below is your shopping cart page may look like:

An Illustration of the cart page.

Tip: You can remove a product from the cart by clicking the "Remove" text link below the amount. The entire price will likely be re-calculated automatically.

3. The Way to Save on Your Buy

Let us check them out:

Click here to learn how to apply Rewards Code for your order

Super Special Bargains: Each week, iHerb runs additional discounts for chosen products or operate special deals such as 10% off for order over $60. Be sure to check out the newest special deals here

Purchase at Trial Price: Save money at iHerb Whenever you purchase, you are also allowed to purchase selected items in a trial price that's significantly discounted. However, there is a restriction. It's possible to purchase just 1 component of a commodity at a trial price and for one time only. That means , you pay the normal price for your next apparatus, and the next time you purchase the same product again. Take a Look at merchandise promoting at trial cost here

Contemplate Short Dated Products: Items that are near their expiration dates are available at a good discount. They are normally less than a year for their expiry date. If you do not care about the shorter usage period, you can get quite a good bargain. Check out short dated products here

Purchase in Bulk: To get goods which you use a daily basis, it is worth it to buy in bulk. Apart from saving on shipping cost, you also get extra 5% (for 4 or more) or 10% (12 or more) when you buy in higher quantities. This additional discount is usually applied together with any advertising which might be going on.

Ship with Local Courier Service: Again for non-US buyers, if you are not in a hurry to receive your purchase, along with your community postal service is reputable, local courier service is often more affordable than international delivery services like DHL and UPS. However, local courier service normally have limitations on the most weight or maximum worth per purchase. By way of example, to send through Singapore nearby postal agency (SingPost), your order must not exceed 14 pounds (approximately 6.35 kg), or costs more than $200. If your order exceeds one of those constraints, consider dividing your sequence into two or more orders. Also notice that local postal service may not provide tracking of parcels.

Purchase Local Currency: Determined by existing currency exchange rates, it might be cheaper to cover along with your country's own currency and save on exchange rates. Unlike other shops that accept only US dollars, iHerb now accepts over 45 international currencies! IHerb also accepts PayPal, also Alipay (for China users only). But notice that if the currency exchange is concerned, PayPal might not be a great idea because its exchange prices are notoriously poor.

Stretch Your Dollar together with Loyalty Assets: For every order you make in iHerb, you will receive Loyalty Credits which are equal to 5 percent of your total purchase value, (excluding shipping charges). Loyalty Credits last for 90 days and will be automatically applied to another purchase to cancel your purchase.

Pay Your Purchase with Rewards Credits: After your first purchase, you can also begin sharing your personal Rewards links. Tell your relatives, friends and colleagues to shop in iHerb through your Rewards hyperlinks. Because when they do so, they receive 5% discount (in case they're first time customers), and you will also get 5% Rewards Credits (10% for iHerb house brand products) in the purchase value (excluding discount and shipping charges). After that you can use the Rewards Credits to cancel your following purchase or cash out whenever they transcend US$300 at the end of each month. Imagine the amount of savings you can get when you combine Rewards Credits with Loyalty Credits! Unlike Loyalty Credits, Rewards Credits last for 180 days (6 weeks), giving you additional time to collect them.

Note, nevertheless, that you can't use your own Rewards links to store at iHerb. Family member or some man who shares the exact postal address as you also cannot use your Rewards links because the Rewards Program is available to a customer per household only. In addition, Rewards you earn will only be available to be used after 30 days to account for possible order cancellation, returns or other associated difficulties.

Here's a quick overview of Rewards and Loyalty Credits:

1. An one time 5% Rewards charge for every order referred (10% Rewards Credit for all iHerb house new products).

2. Rewards Credits can only be obtained for use 30 days after they have been credited to your account. Even the 180-day expiration date is calculated from the time find here once the credits become available.

4. The Way to Employ iHerb Rewards Code

If you are a first-time iHerb customer, receive an instant 5% discount for your first buy! Here is the Way to receive the discount:

If you are not on the shopping cart page, then click on the Cart icon at the top right-hand corner of the page:

Click the Shopping Cart icon to access your shopping cart anytime

Assess whether the first time client discount has been applied to your purchase.

First-time customer Rewards Code applied to an order

If you didn't see the first time client discount, do not panic.

Employ Rewards Code DAT633 to get discount

Notice: The Benefits Code will only work for first time customers and may only be used once in an order.

5. The Way to Employ a Promo Code

Gradually, iHerb will have special promotions offering additional discounts to new and present customers. You may take a look at the newest promotions on this page under How to Save on Your Purchase.

Some promotions are unique only to selected merchandise, while some are applicable store-wide. Store-wide promotions usually need a Promo Code that lasts just for a period of time. If you're lucky to have a valid Promo Code, this is the best way to apply it.

If You're Not on the shopping cart page, click on the Cart icon at the top right corner of the page:

Click on the Shopping Cart icon to get your shopping cart

Sort the Promo Code into the "Apply Promo Code" box shown below, and click on the "Apply" button to automatically re-compute the complete.

Sort your Promo Code from the Apply Promo Code box in the shopping cart page

After you have successfully entered a Promo Code, you must view the Promo Code discount applied for your order:

After applying a Promo Code

Notice: Every Promo Code includes a limited validity period. Once it's expired, it will no longer do the job. Therefore, if you have one, use it immediately!

6. Choose Shipping Method & Calculate Delivery Cost

When you've finished shopping, you're now ready to choose the shipping method and calculate the shipping charge.

If you are not on the shopping cart page, then click on the Cart icon at the upper right-hand corner of the page:

Click on the Shopping Cart icon to get your shopping cart

Change the country to deliver your purchase to

Note: For many countries like the United States, then you may also must specify the zip code.

You will find a box that lets you select the country you prefer to ship your purchase to, language, and the currency you like to cover in. When you're done, click on the "Save Preferences" button.

Select the destination state, language, and money you like to pay in

Based on the nation you have chosen and the complete weight of your order, you will find a list of transport options, estimated delivery time and weight limitations. Select your preferred shipping choice by clicking the radio button alongside it.

Below is a good example. Notice that yours will probably look different from the one below:

Shipping options and fees

Don't forget to read "What you want to learn about sending goods to ****", in which **** is the shipping country you have chosen earlier. It comprises important shipping information like custom regulations which may impact the delivery of your order.

Tips: depending upon your country's custom rules, you might have to pay import taxes, customs duties, etc.. These charges are different from your shipping charge, and you'll be billed directly for them.

Shipping to Singapore via SingPost has been fast, dependable and very affordable so far! If your order exceeds the 14 lb limitation for shipping via SingPost, you could either split your order or use an alternative courier services.

Now, don't hesitate to make adjustments to your shopping cart to decrease the delivery price. Once you're done, you're ready to checkout!

7. Checkout & Payment

If You Aren't on the shopping cart page, click on the Cart icon in the top right-hand corner of the page:

Click the Shopping Cart icon to see the cart page

Click on Proceed to Checkout to place your order

If you're prompted to login now, enter your email address and password that you've previously utilised to enroll with iHerb.

Login with your email address and password

Next, enter your whole name, address to send to and phone number. Click the "Next" to proceed to payment:

Enter shipping address

Tips: If your shipping address cannot fit to the very first address box, then you may use the second box provided. Otherwise, the second box could be left vacant.

For many nations like Singapore, which has no separate city, state or area, only rely on a two-letter abbreviation for "State/Region", for example SG. To get "City", utilize the name of the country.

Ensure that your telephone number is accurate. The courier service will telephone you if it's some problem delivering your order.

Now enter your credit or debit card details, and Click the "Next" button:

Enter payment details

Enter the expiry date and cardholder name as printed on your card.

For safety purposes, iHerb may request more information to verify that you are the credit/debit card account holder through email.

Note: PayPal is now accepted! Login and pay with your PayPal account as you would for other online transactions.

Review your order and verify that all details are correct, particularly the shipping address. Once you're satisfied that everything is in order, click on the "Place Order" button to confirm your buy.

Review your order

Note: When order was placed, it cannot be altered. So be sure to check!

When your order was submitted successfully, you will see an Order Confirmation page which reveals the Loyalty Credit you have just earned along with your Rewards Code which you can utilize to earn Rewards.

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